Other Assignments

I was commissioned to write the copy for the illustrated display panels in Spilsby, Lincolnshire, that tell the story of Captain Sir John Franklin, the discoverer of the North West Passage.

For Franklin's bicentenary I wrote and directed a five-act play relating his life story - depicting his courage as a young seaman at the Battle of Trafalgar, his shipwreck off Australia while mapping the coastline with his uncle Matthew Flinders and his enlightened governorship of Tasmania. The play also describes his last fateful voyage to the Arctic where his ships became icebound never to return. The mystery of what happened to Franklin and his men continues to baffle people to this day.

I have also contributed the food and population chapters to the Asia Year Book, produced in Hong Kong, and helped to edit The Times House of Commons Guide.

In addition I have written about Spanish healthcare, education, motoring, traditions and leisure for Spanish Homes magazine and contributed articles to my local monthly Meridian Line which covers Greenwich and Blackheath.