About Me

I am an experienced freelance journalist, specialising in health, education, relationships and personality profiles. One day I can be writing about robotic surgery or a new cancer drug, the next about speed dating for the over 50s or how sex can prolong your lifespan.

I made newspaper history when I became the first female news sub editor on The Times. My career includes running a busy news desk in Sheffield and covering IRA bombings and industrial disputes as a news reporter for LBC.

A lifelong fascination with the Far East led me to Hong Kong where I worked first as a news reporter then Women's Editor of the South China Morning Post. There I broke the "caged men" story - old Chinese men living in cramped chicken wire cages one on top of the other in crumbling Kowloon tenements. I also revealed secret plans for a nuclear power station to be built in this most densely populated area of the world.

I also wrote about acupuncture and research into ancient Chinese herbal medicine.

In Hong Kong I started helping to run courses for young journalists, was a member of the Government's Journalism Training Board and chairperson of the Hong Kong Journalists' Association.

In Singapore as copy editor of the Singapore Monitor I was responsible for training the paper's young Chinese, Malay and Indian reporters.

On my return to the UK, I wrote and directed a five- act play on the life of Captain Sir John Franklin, the Arctic explorer, which played to packed houses during his bicentenary celebrations in the market town that is the birthplace we share. My interests are travel, history and the theatre.